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Cooperative Learning

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Welcome to our


Cooperative Learning Strategies





ABC Race  Back to Back  Carousel  Carousel Feedback Circle the Sage 
Corners  Formations  Gallery Walk  Give one, Get one  Human Knot 
Jigsaw  Line ups  Lyrical Lessons  Mix, Freeze, Group  Mix n Match 
Number Heads Together  One Minute Papers  One Stray  Pairs Check  Paraphrase Passport 
Partners  Pass n Praise  Pens in the Middle  People Hunt  Poems in Two Voices 
Popcorn Review  Popcorn Share  Puzzle Partners, Pair Up  Rally Robin  Sam's Circles 
Send a Problem  Showdown  STAD  Stand up, Hand up, Pair up  Tapping Telephone 
Team, Pair, Solo  Team Talk Question  Tea Party  Think, Pair, Share  Three Step Interview 
Value Line Who am I? Write Around    







This Wiki was developed and created by students enrolled in CI473 at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.  These strategies are a culmination of their research on cooperative learning activities appropiate for the middle school learner.  Resources are sited as needed.  Please enjoy! 

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