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Paraphrase Passport

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Paraphrase Passport


Grouping:  None, whole class

Materials:  None

Time:  10-15 minutes



  • Form the students into a random circle inside or outside of the classroom.  The teacher joins the circle.  


  • The teacher defines “paraphrase” and provides an example of it.  By giving an example, all students will feel more comfortable with the activity.  


  • Next, the teacher introduces a topic.  Topics can range from current events to content related material.  


  • The person to the left of teachers shares thoughts and ideas about the topic.  Then, the person to the left of this student must paraphrase the first student’s response before he/she adds comments.  


  • Students will continue around the circle paraphrasing the previous person’s statements and adding their own ideas until the last student speaks.  All students are engaged in this activity and are permitted to brainstorm and share without ridicule.    




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