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Pens in the Middle

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Pens in the Middle



Grouping of Students:
•    3-5 students (ideally), but works with up to 10

Materials Needed:
•    Pen/pencil for each student
•    Other lesson materials (varies with lesson)

•    Group students (3-5 students per group)
•    Inform groups of discussion topic
•    Instruct group members to take turns sharing ideas about the discussion topic.
•    As each student shares, he/she places his/her pen in the center of the table.
•    After a student moves the pen to the middle, he/she may not share again until all pens are in the middle of the table (ensuring all students get a chance to share).
•    Teacher may monitor the group discussions by circulating among tables and picking up random pens. The student whose pen is chosen will share his/her contribution to the group with the teacher.

Crawford A., Saul W., Matthews S. and Makinster J. (2005). Teaching and learning strategies for the thinking classroom. New York: International Debate Education Association.

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