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Circle the Sage

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Circle the Sage

Grouping of Students:
•    Teams of 3-5

Materials Needed:
•    Pencil/pen
•    Paper (for taking notes)

•    Teacher polls the class to see who has special knowledge/experiences that would benefit the class.
•    Those students are the “sages”. They stand and spread out in the room.
•    The remaining students are placed in teams of 3-5.
•    Each member of a team goes to a different sage (students will surround or “circle” the sages).
•    No two members of the same team go to the same sage.
•    The sage then shares his/her knowledge/experiences with the students that surround him/her.
•    The students ask questions, listen, and take notes.
•    After a designated period of time, students return to their teams.
•    Each student shares what he/she learned from the sage with the team.
•    The team members compare notes.
•    If there is a disagreement within a group, that team will stand.
•    Disagreements are discussed with the class and resolved.

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