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Popcorn Review

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Popcorn Review


Grouping of Students:     None


Grouping is not necessary but it is an option.  Students can complete this activity individually while collaborating and discussing with classmates



Amount of Time:           15-20 Minutes



Materials Needed:      -Pre-made, laminated popcorn pieces

                                      -Dry erase markers

                                      -Student’s textbook




  • The student will skim the assigned chapter in their textbook
  • The student will write one sentence that he/she found interesting in order to help the students foreshadow the unit or topic that will be discussed
  • After about 7-8 minutes, the teacher will send around the popcorn bucket and the students each take a piece of popcorn
  • The student will write their fact on their piece of popcorn and place it back into the popcorn bucket
  • The bucket will be passed around the classroom and each student will pull out a piece of popcorn and read it


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