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Puzzle Partners Pair Up

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Puzzle Partners Pair Up



Grouping of Students:     5 groups of 4


Amount of Time:              20 Minutes 


Materials Needed:      -Pre-cut puzzle piece fact strips

                                      -Large Poster Paper






  • The teacher will verbally inform the students about the topic or unit that they will be discussing
  • The particular subject that will be discussed will be broken down into sub-categories 
  • The teacher will name the main topic and place the sub-categories titles on each sheet of the large poster paper
  • The teacher will randomly distribute the puzzle piece fact strips to the students
  • The students must match both ends of their puzzle piece fact strips to their corresponding partner
  • Once the pieces have been collected, the group will decide which sub-category they represent
  • Once this step is complete, the students will connect their puzzle piece fact strips and display them on the correct poster paper
  • Each team member of each group will read their fact strip aloud in order to present the information to the rest of the class

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