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Write Around

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Grouping: any size group will work, but a group of 4 - 6 members would work best for a shorter

allotted time and to get maximum results.


Materials: papers with writing prompts and writing utensils are the only materials needed.

When the stories are finished, they could be typed up on the computer using a word processing program, printed out, and shared with the rest of the class.


Directions:  This activity would work well for creative writing or for reviewing the plot sequence

of stories in literature or the order of details for an historical event.  


  • For creative writing, teachers could give a different sentence starter (“If there were no plants on the earth…” or “A man met an alien on the sea shore…”) to each member of the different groups.  A different starter could be used for each student or each group could be given the same starters.


  • Each member would then finish his/her sentence and then pass the paper to the right. 


  • They will then read the one they receive and add another sentence to it.


  • This will proceed until all members of the group have added a sentence to the original. After a few rounds, several creative stories start to surface. Students could be given time to add a conclusion and/or edit their favorite one to share with the class.


  • As a means of review, the first person in each group will be given the topic of the historical event or the title of the story that they will be reviewing.  Each person in the group will start with a different event/story.


  • Then they will write the first part of the plot sequence and pass it to the right to have the next member add the next detail. 




Mandal, R. R. (2009). Cooperative learning strategies to enhance writing skill. The Modern Journal

of Applied Linguistics, 1:2 March 2009, 94-102. Retrieved on July 20, 2011, from http://mjal.org/Journal/Coop.pdf ISSN 0974-8741. 

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