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Value Line

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(aka Human Continuum)



Grouping:  no grouping strategy is necessary; the entire class will participate in this strategy.


Materials:  no materials are needed for this strategy.


Directions:  This is a very short and simple strategy that can be implemented in a variety of

ways, such as test reviews, class discussions, etc.


  • Students will line themselves up across one end of the classroom; from #1 at one end of the room, meaning that they agree strongly with the statement or understand a concept completely to #10 at the other end of the room, meaning that they completely do not agree with the statement or do not understand the concept. 


  • Then fold the line so that the students are matched up with the opposite end of the line, with #1s being matched up with #10s and so on, for discussion and clarification of the topic/statement.  


  • If there is not an even number of students, the teacher will also need to participate in this activity.





Cofer, K. (2010). Social skills & community building - cooperative learning structures.

Retrieved July 20, 2011, from Mrs. Cofer's Third Grade Classroom Website, Oakwood Manor Elementary, Gladstone, MO.  North Kansas City School District. Web site: http://w4.nkcsd.k12.mo.us/~kcofer/social_cooperative_structures.htm.

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