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Line Ups

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  • The students are all part of the same group



  • No materials are need really, however it is best to do this activity in a gym or another facility that has a long straight line.



  • All students are to stand randomly on the line
  • The students are given directions that there is not to be any talking during the activity
  • The students are also told that when organizing themselves they must continue to stand on the line with both feet.  So if they take a step it must be on the same line.
  • The teacher then gives them a disruption of how the students are to line up, (example alphabetically by last name, 2nd letter of Name, calendar birthday, etc…)
  • The students must find alternative ways to communicate without speaking.
  • They must also work together to help one another pass in front or behind each other.
  • After the student have arranged themselves in the order of the directions, the teacher checks for their success then gives other instructions so they must organize themselves in another order.


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