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Tea Party

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Tea Party



            The entire class will be split into two groups. When the students enter the class, they will draw a starburst from a bag. Only use two colors of starburst. One color will be on one team and the other color on the other. Students will form two circles or two lines, depending on space. One circle will be inside the other.



Materials Needed:

            The only materials needed include two index cards per student. They should be handed out at the start of the class.





  • Hand out index cards at the start of class
  • Instruct students to write down one question from the material discussed on each index card, along with answer.
  • Instruct students to get into their groups.
  • Students will pose the question to the student opposite them.
  • After a few minutes, instruct students to rotate counterclockwise to the next student and repeat question step.
  • Repeat four to five times, or until the time allotted has expired.




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