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Grouping of Students:  Split the class in half.

***This can be done randomly by asking the students to draw Popsicle sticks that are numbered.   The odd numbers will be one team and the even numbers will be the other.


Materials:       Open Space



  1. After splitting the class into two teams, designate a team to guess and a team to form.
  2. The guessing team should take a seat in full view of the forming team.
  3. The forming team will be given a word on a sheet of paper.  The students must all work together to form the figure indicated on their sheet of paper.
  4. The forming team must use all members of their team and must be able to work quietly and quickly.
  5. After 3-4 minutes the students will be given a countdown, 10 to 0, to finish their form.
  6. While the forming team is working on their word, the guessing team must collaboratively decide on the person who will answer for their team.  No student will be allowed to answer for the team more than one time.
  7. Once the forming team has finished, the guessing team will be given one minute to collaborate and come up with a guess of what the other group has formed.
  8. Remind the guessing team that only the person designated to answer the question will be heard.
  9. If the team gets the answer wrong on the first guess give them one more opportunity to guess correctly.  If the answer is still incorrect the forming team must provide the answer.

  10.  At this point the teams switch places and the game begins again, with a new word.



Activity adapted from a fourth grade classroom conducted by Mary Beth Breeden.



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