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ABC Race

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ABC Race


Grouping:  The students should be grouped in pairs by giving each student a

flashcard with a letter of the alphabet on it.  Randomly call out letters.  For

instance, C will be paired with Y and so on until all class members have a partner. 


Materials:  Alphabet Flashcards, Imagination, Vocabulary



  1. The students are going to race to complete sentences using every letter of the alphabet.
  2. After the students have been paired off, write the stem sentence on the board:  “I will bring the ________ and you can bring the ________.” 
  3. Tell the students they are going on an ABC picnic.
  4. The pairs stand facing each other and one of the students holds out both of their hands, palms up.
  5. The other students says the stem sentence while filling in the blanks, (I will bring the apples and you can bring the bananas.) and slaps their partners hands.
  6. The students will then switch roles.  The second student will repeat the stem sentence using the last item from the previous sentence and including an item of their own (I will bring the bananas and you can bring the ______.) while slapping their partners hands.
  7. This continues until the pair has used every letter from the alphabet.
  8. Don’t be afraid to help or give hints to teams that are stuck, especially on the more difficult letters (X,Z).
  9. Remember, food isn’t the only thing people pack for a picnic and tell your students to be creative and even a little silly!



Information adapted from website:

Let’s get physical. (2002). Warm-up activities involving movement and language.

            Retrieved on July 21, 2011 from



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