Grouping of Students: 4-5 students per group


Materials Needed:  Pre-made question cards, a piece of paper or small whiteboard per student, pen or pencil (if using paper) or dry-erase makers (if using whiteboards.




  1. The question cards are placed face down in the center of the group table.
  2. One group member is designated the first reader and selects a card from the pile.  Without showing the card to the others, he/she reads the question aloud.
  3. The other group members write his/her answer secretly on their paper of whiteboard.  As each student finishes, he/she places the paper or whiteboard face down in front of him or her.
  4. When all answers are ready, the reader says “Showdown!” and everyone reveals their answers simultaneously.
  5. The reader checks the answers according to the answer listed at the bottom of the question card.
  6. The student to the immediate left of the previous reader becomes the reader for the next round.



*  If desired, the teams can keep score by awarding 1 point for each correct answer.  Winners can be determined either individually or collectively by group totals.






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